Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other auxetic materials are currently available commercially?
A: We know of no other auxetic materials that are commercially available.

Q: How soon will auxetic materials be available commercially?
A: Although Auxetix Ltd. does not manufacture any commercial products, its blast-protection and ballistic-protection fabrics are now in production.

Q: What benefits do auxetic materials offer?
A: Auxetic materials offer many potential benefits, including:
• enhanced impact absorption for body armour, car bumpers, crash helmet linings, etc.
• reinforcement fibres for composite structures, which promise to significantly increase their energy absorption capabilities 
• improved knot strength for thread-like items such as medical sutures, fishing lines, ropes and for other similar applications 
• improvements to safety-critical items such as seat belts where an increase in surface area under strain would help to reduce injuries caused by the belt itself…and many more.

Q: My company would like to get involved – what should I do?
A: Please go to the Auxetix contacts page & use the information listed there to contact us.

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