auxetic materials

One of the major factors preventing the exploitation of auxetic materials before now has always been that most examples are only auxetic through a small part of their strain range. The helical auxetic geometries being developed at Auxetix, however, are functional from zero to full strain, and also have a far greater effect. 

It should be noted that Auxetix has recently taken a strategic decision to focus all its resources on its blast-protection and ballistic-protection technologies. All other developments are therefore ‘on hold’ until further notice.

Aerospace Reinforcement-Fibres, Smart Sensors, Seat Belts, Smart Cargo Straps, Blast-Fabrics

Automotive Seat Belts, Smart Cargo Straps, Blast-Fabrics

Construction (construction materials) Embedded Sensors, Concrete Reinforcements, Blast-Fabrics

Defence Blast-Fabrics, Smart Cargo Straps

Healthcare (surgical and toiletries) Dental Floss, Medical Sutures / Wound Management, Pressure-sensing Fabrics

Manufacturing (filtration) Precision Filtration Screens

Textiles Smart Sensor Fabrics, Conformable Fabrics, Self-locking Stitching Threads

Wearable Computation Sensors / Virtual Reality Sensors

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