auxetic materials

One of the major factors preventing the exploitation of auxetic materials before now has always been that most examples are only auxetic through a small part of their strain range. The helical auxetic geometries being developed at Auxetix, however, are functional from zero to full strain, and also have a far greater effect. 

It should be noted that Auxetix has recently taken a strategic decision to focus all its resources on its blast-protection and ballistic-protection technologies. All other developments are therefore ‘on hold’ until further notice.

Aerospace Reinforcement-Fibres, Smart Sensors, Seat Belts, Smart Cargo Straps, Blast-Fabrics

Automotive Seat Belts, Smart Cargo Straps, Blast-Fabrics

Construction (construction materials) Embedded Sensors, Concrete Reinforcements, Blast-Fabrics

Defence Blast-Fabrics, Smart Cargo Straps

Healthcare (surgical and toiletries) Dental Floss, Medical Sutures / Wound Management, Pressure-sensing Fabrics

Manufacturing (filtration) Precision Filtration Screens

Textiles Smart Sensor Fabrics, Conformable Fabrics, Self-locking Stitching Threads

Wearable Computation Sensors / Virtual Reality Sensors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other auxetic materials are currently available commercially?
A: We know of no other auxetic materials that are commercially available.

Q: How soon will auxetic materials be available commercially?
A: Although Auxetix Ltd. does not manufacture any commercial products, its blast-protection and ballistic-protection fabrics are now in production.

Q: What benefits do auxetic materials offer?
A: Auxetic materials offer many potential benefits, including:
• enhanced impact absorption for body armour, car bumpers, crash helmet linings, etc.
• reinforcement fibres for composite structures, which promise to significantly increase their energy absorption capabilities 
• improved knot strength for thread-like items such as medical sutures, fishing lines, ropes and for other similar applications 
• improvements to safety-critical items such as seat belts where an increase in surface area under strain would help to reduce injuries caused by the belt itself…and many more.

Q: My company would like to get involved – what should I do?
A: Please go to the Auxetix contacts page & use the information listed there to contact us.


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About Auxetix

About Auxetix

Auxetix is able to supply bespoke licences for our 
unique auxetic materials technologies – we can also 
provide specialist technical consultancy to support 
our customers through the initial phases of developing 
new commercial markets. If you would like to talk to us 
about your needs, please contact us via the link above.