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Auxetix is a bespoke R&D company that invents and refines novel auxetic technologies which are then available for use on commercial terms.

Please note that we do not manufacture any products.

Definition of auxetic behaviour:

‘While most materials get thinner when stretched and fatter when compressed, auxetic materials do just the opposite – they get fatter when stretched, and thinner when compressed’.

increased safety
> for e.g. materials that change colour with tension
improved energy absorption
> e.g. ballistic barrier materials
Enhanced performance
> e.g. lighter or stronger composite structures
Improved utility
> e.g. medical sutures that don't damage body tissues

North America

Auxetix is pleased to announce that it now has a North American licensee - all enquiries for the United States, Canada and Mexico should therefore be addressed to Advanced Fabric Technologies:

Tel: (281) 872-7272

Auxetix is registered in England, Reg No. 4689569. Registered address: 6, Providence Court, Pynes Hill, Exeter EX2 5JL
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